Idiris City

Session I

We were given an initiation task by “Ducky”. The mission was to travel north to an area occupied by monks of the ___________ Guild and retrive 3 stones from their sactuary. The stones were magical each producing a humm, one when placed in water, 1 when placed on rock/stone and one when placed on earth/dirt.

Along the way Zzaeyx was fined 10gp for causing a scene when he punched a thief as he attempted to rob Zzaeyx. The Revnants seem uptight and disciplined. They have the means to track an individual using magic that takes a “scent” from a surface. Aiden and (Dylans character) attempted to rob Zzaeyx while he was sleeping, Zzaeyx however woke up, catching them in the act, he activated a force attack throwing the 2 from the carrige. They needed to bribe the coach master to allow them to stay on as well as take a sleeping elixer.

The group split into 2 parties and went in search of the stones once we drew close to the area. The first group consisting of Zzaeyx, Sahara, Ayce and Thearta found the monks and the stones first. Zzaeyx attempted to use diplomacy to find a solution to gaining possesion of the stones, in the end however there was no choice. The only monks who attacked were reffered to as “Keepers”. There was one keeper per stone. Zzaeyx rendered 2 unconcious and killed one. One was able to greate a 25 foot wodden pole, one attatched boulders to his hands for punching and the final one used a flute in order to summon and control large snapping turtles.


Zzaeyx seems to keep to himself but can be very charismatic when needed. Also displayed great combative abilities as well as defensive.

(Dylans character) seems to randomly teleport when drunk. He also attempts to keep the peace and find a solution when a social problem presents itself.


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