Daya Kolt

Master Builder & High Crafter of the Tolten




Daya is the most brilliant builder of the Tolten, but he also said to be the craziest of them all as well. He has created many staggering inventions but also many terrible ones. From making a magical hovering mechanical horse, to a special emblem imprinting that if the incorrect code or wearer touches or puts it on it attaches itself & disolves the body into a pile of ash. No matter what the idea is if it intrigues his he will stop at nothing to create it or at least find out the boundaries & limitations are to the idea.
Daya is not a warrior in any way, yet it is said he holds the records for longest spree of wins in the Coliseum. 156 consecutive wins & no losses. He has a Magnificant Armor that protects & fights back, it is said that it is invincible & will never be defeated.hich is why Daya stopped his fights in the coliseum because he believed his testing of the armor was done & no one would try to fight him in it for fear of being victim number 157.

Daya Kolt

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