Kototh Zihark

The Founder & Leader of the Zihark Faction




No one knows Kotoths exact age, whether he himself really remembers it al well. It is spectulated that he is around 800 years old. Due to his spell plagued body he does not age & he has the ability to pass along the spell plagued curse to anyone close to death. Recieving the spell plagued curse will save someones life but it will also change their appearance drastically, but bestow them with incredible powers & amazing abilites. Kototh is said to be the most powerful spell plagued, with god like near abilities.
Kototh has an giantic spell plagued army, but everyone in the faction is used more for sport then for war. The Zihark Faction has many coliseum’s in which the spell plagued fight for sport, wealth & fame. These coliseums are not limited to the spell plagued, as so many others try to fight in these battles against or as allies with the spell plagued.

Kototh Zihark

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