Malik Harrt

Grand Cardinal of the Fucion Control




Malik Harrt is the youngest Grand Cardinal that the world has ever seen, but his skills & knowledge of the Fucion Control law is staggering. He has memorized & started creating new laws that better suit all around Idiris. The Fusion Control have no real power over the Idiris roayl family but they have great dominion over all others.
Malik was once a Fusion Reaper, which is a travelling officer of the law in short terms. Most travel in teams of 4 or 2, but more powerful Fusion Reapers have no need for back up so them travel alone. All Fusion Reapers are considered to be the law in every form, they are judge, jury & executioner if need be.
Malik is not usually seen in public or giving any sentenses unless they are high court issues or cases concerning the royal family or threatening all of Idiris. Malik can usually be found or addressed at the Court of Souls in the Heart of the Fucion Contol district.

Malik Harrt

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