Rissa Wayland

Leader & descendant of the Wayland Order.




The 13th generation of the Wayland name.The Waylands are the swore protectors of the Idiris royal family. They guard the Spiral Tower of Azarath that holds the Idiris Palace in the sky. She commands the Wayland Order, which is comprised by almost only Sword Mages. Each generation of the Wayland Order is trained & guided into becoming the next Leader of the Wayland Order.
Very little is know about Rissa Waylands skills or interests. All that is know is that to this day she is said to the strongest & most devoted Wayland to the Idiris royal family.
The Wayland family has been Sword Mages for so many generations that there is now a magical family lineage that gives them unusual magical abilites with there swords & magic.

Rissa Wayland

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